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Why Swiffer Duster Refills Are Better Than The Store Brand

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Need Swiffer Dusters refills? Congrats. That means you must have removed quite a bit of dust from your home. But you should know that not all refills are created equal.

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1.1. Have You Got Cheating on Your Mind?

Store brand refills might seem the same, but only Swiffer Dusters refills have specially-coated fibers that trap and lock up to 50% more dust than the leading store brand.. It has an extendable handle and traps and locks dust while generic feather dusters can just spread it around.

2.2. Shake at Your Own Risk.

You know that post-dust shake that proves Swiffer Dusters traps and locks dirt, dust and allergens* away? If you choose a store brand refill, you might not get the same results. Choose Swiffer Dusters refills and keep dusting effective and easy

You’re not Swiffering unless you use Swiffer Dusters refills.

*Common inanimate allergens from cat and dog dander and dust mite matter

1 DustersRefills
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