Safety First

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Everything we do is focused on making sure you can clean smarter, not harder and that begins with safety.

Our four-step, scientifically tested process ensures the safety of Swiffer products for you, your family and pets.


Safe from the Start: Just like you, we start with questions.

Since Swiffer’s launch in 1999, the number one question we ask ourselves is – if this ingredient is safe to use?

Swiffer Safety Research Before any ingredient goes into our Swiffer products, we gather all the relevant safety information on each ingredient so you can use Swiffer all day, every day, in your home (and in ours, too!)


Ingredient Due Diligence – Set a SAFE RANGE:

After we look at the safety data on the ingredient, the next big question we ask is: what is the safe range for the ingredient? The Safe Range defines how much of this ingredient is safe to use in your home over time.

We work to determine a Safe Range for each and every ingredient based on a similar process many regulatory agencies and scientific groups use to ensure safety. This includes groups like the Environmental Protection Agency, World Health Organization and the National Academy of Sciences Agency, World Health Organization and the National Academy of Sciences.

Our products, like Swiffer WetJet Wood, are also approved safe on finished hardwood floors by organizations such as the National Wood Flooring Association.


Determine Safety of the Entire Product Formula:

While an ingredient might be safe by itself, we also evaluate the safety of our products when we have a mixture of ingredients to confirm the safety of the formula.

If we can’t determine the product formula is safe, it won’t make it to your home. We will either reformulate or we won’t launch the product.

Our community of more than 500 scientists and expert professionals go above and beyond to make sure our products meet all applicable safety and regulatory requirements.


Track and monitor relentlessly:

Once our Swiffer products are out in the market (and cleaning your home!), we continually monitor your product feedback. Call us obsessed, but we are always focused on the safety of Swiffer to make sure you have the best and safest clean.

Safety Video

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We will never stop innovating to maintain the highest standards in our ingredients and products. 
Here's the latest regarding the ingredients and industry safety standards. For more information about our ingredients and the jobs they do, visit Smart Label.