Whether the hair on your floors is your pet’s or your own, shed happens. Here are some tips for getting rid of it all.

1. Take Back Your Floors.

Hair doesn’t discriminate. It ends up everywhere—from bathroom tiles to hardwood floors. But Swiffer Sweeper is so versatile, it picks up hair from many different surfaces, and lets you take back your floors.

2. Picking Up What You’re Putting Down.

Sweeper’s textured cloths have a unique trap and lock coating and adapt to almost any kind of floor surface, so it’s perfect for picking up all kinds of hair. For any hair that’s on other household objects, give Swiffer Dusters a shot.

3. Get The Hair You Didn’t Know Was There.

Sweeper’s 360-degree swivel head allows you to reach under furniture where hair hides out. You could consider covering your furniture with a comfortable blanket to prevent pet hair from accumulating, and for any hair that does end up on your couch, use a lint roller.

4. Preventative Measures.

Sometimes the best way to keep shedding under control is to stop it before it happens. Brushing and grooming your pets frequently and consistently changing out air filters are a couple of ways to nip shedding in the bud.

You may also consider covering your furniture, and using a lint roller to pick up any remaining hair.