Whether you’re getting rid of dust and allergens* with Swiffer Dusters, or just doing a much-needed steam clean with Swiffer BISSELL Steamboost, Swiffer’s family of products knows how to deliver with trusted results. So if you’re looking to keep your laminate floors in great shape, there are a few easy things you should remember.

  1. Leave your shoes at the door to prevent tracking dirt and grit inside.

  2. Use entry mats to help collect dirt and sand.

  3. Keep Swiffer Sweeper near doors with high traffic to knock out messes before they have time to build up.

  4. Keep napkins and sponges handy to clean spills as they occur.

  5. Use mats in the kitchen to catch food or liquid if spilled.

  6. Trim your pet’s nails. It can drastically reduce the amount of scratches on your floors.

  7. Keep your floors dry. A mat under your pet’s water bowl can absorb excess water.

  8. Use felt under furniture legs and appliances to cut down on the scratches and scrapes.

  9. When moving heavy furniture, lift. Don’t slide.

  10. Area rugs are good at protecting your floors, especially in rooms where you entertain the most.