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Why Sweeper Wet Refills Are Better Than The Store Brand

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Time for Sweeper Wet refills? Congrats. That means you’ve cleaned quite a few messes in your home. Buying store brand refills might be tempting, but not all pads are created equal.

1 SweeperWetRefills

1.1. The Thick and Thin of Cleaning.

Only Sweeper Wet refillshave thicker cloths that last up to 60% longer vs. the leading store brand wet cloths.

2.2. One-of-a-Kind Cleaning Power.

Knockoff refills produce knockoff results. Only Sweeper Wet cloths have a strong scrubby strip that really helps break up and take care of messes. Choose Sweeper Wet refills and keep cleaning effective and easy.

1 SweeperWetRefills
2 SweeperWetRefills
3 SweeperWetRefills


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