How to Reduce Common Inanimate Allergens In Your Home

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No matter how hard we try to keep allergens* out of the house, some of them still manage to slip through. Here are a few ways to control inanimate allergens*, so they don’t control you.

1. Indoor Pollution

While we’re busy trying to keep allergens* out of our homes, there are many allergens* already inside—allergens* from inanimate dust mite matter, pet dander and even pollen.

Dedicating just a little bit of time to cleaning and dusting every day is a great way to ensure that these pests don’t add up and create a potentially uncomfortable living situation.

For carpeting, consider a vacuum with an HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter or frequently clean/replace the filter in your vacuum. You could also look into installing central vacuuming.

2. Have A Gander At Dander.

Keep your pets indoors and bathe them regularly to minimize pet dander and inanimate dust mite matter in the house.

3. Humidity - A Delicate Balance.

Moisture breeds mold and dust thrives in moisture. Keep humidity levels at 20% to 40%. A hygrometer is a tool you can install in your home that can help keep mold and inanimate dust mite matter levels balanced.

4.Give‘em The Boot.

Once you’ve checked these off your list, try Swiffer Duster Heavy Duty with Dust Lock Adhesive™ and 50% more fibers than regular dusters, this amazing all-around design cleans deep into grooves to trap and lock up to 3x more dust than a feather duster.

*Common inanimate allergens from cat and dog dander and dust mite matter