How to Get Your Kids to Clean and Like it

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Your kids can be a big help with cleaning around the house. Here are a couple of ways to get them involved—and maybe even enjoy it.

1. Make Chores Age-Appropriate.

Ages 3 to 5 – put away toys, make beds, match socks in laundry pile, and hang towels in the bathroom

Ages 6 and 7 – vacuum, fold laundry, put their own laundry away, unload the dishwasher, and empty indoor garbage cans

Ages 8 to 11 – wash dishes, clean the bathroom, rake leaves, start using the washer and dryer, put all laundry away, take out the garbage, and put them on Swiffer Sweeper duty

Ages 12 and 13 – Swiffer Dusters duty, vacuum entire house, clean bathrooms, do dishes, clean mirrors, and mow the lawn

Ages 14 and 15 – edge the lawn, trim the hedges, clean all windows, and put them on Swiffer WetJet duty

Ages 16 to 18 – Wash the car (including interior), deep clean appliances, defrost and clean the fridge

2. Dance Party.

Letting kids pick the music while you clean is a great way to get them involved.

Oh, and Swiffer Sweeper makes a great mic stand.

3. Switch Up Cleaning Routines.

Keep things fresh by introducing different cleaning tasks. Put all of that youthful energy to good use!

4. Allowance.

Come up with a fair plan together with your kids. If they complete all of their cleaning chores, then consider giving them an allowance. You’ll teach them a valuable life lesson that carries into their adult life.

5. Encourage And Praise Them.

Did they just round up the dust bunnies and clean the floor with the Swiffer Sweeper? Show your appreciation with a “Thank you for being a great team player.” A high-five never hurt anyone, either.

6. Introduce Structure.

Don’t add too much to the morning craziness or the homework frenzy. Save heavier cleaning chores for the weekend. Track their progress with a cleaning checklist. (You can download one here).

7. Let Them Be The Swiffer Pros.

Swiffer Sweeper is easier and more fun for kids to use than a broom, and they can actually see the results of their great work. Let them pick their favorite scent of Swiffer Sweeper Pad refills during the next shopping trip.

8. Don’t “Sentence” Them To Clean Up.

Using cleaning chores as punishment is counterproductive and causes resentment. Your goal is making cleaning fun—not penance.