How To Clean Quickly With Swiffer WetJet

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Mop and bucket—the ol’ ball and chain of cleaning. Having to refill the bucket over and over and all of that mop wringing is just time consuming and often inefficient. Here’s how Swiffer WetJet saves you time, and keeps your floors clean.

How To Use Swiffer WetJet Wood

How To Clean Quickly With Swiffer WetJet

How to Use Swiffer WetJet for Quick Floor Cleaning

How To Clean Quickly With Swiffer WetJet

1. Safe And Efficient.

The days of just sloshing around on your floors are over. With WetJet just squeeze the trigger and get the perfect amount of cleaning solution right away.

Different surfaces, different solutions; check out which Swiffer cleaning solution is best for the job here.

2. Suck It Up.

Swiffer WetJet absorbs and locks after just a few passes, ensuring that you don’t just spread messes around your floor.

3. Why Clean Up The Clean Up?

No wringing. No dirty water emptying. Just remove the WetJet pad and toss it. Hey, that was easy.

4. Not Just A Clever Name.

For tougher messes, give Swiffer Duster Heavy Duty WetJet Extra Power Pads a spin. They have the power of Mr. Clean—and the big, bald man doesn’t mess around.