How To Clean Quickly With Swiffer Sweeper

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Sweeping can take forever. Avoid making it a huge production and cut down on the time it takes by using.

1. On Top Of The World.

It’s best to start with higher-up items like ceiling fans and tops of windows. Assuming you are shorter than 8 feet tall, consider Swiffer Duster Heavy Duty Extender. It makes out-of-reach items quick and easy-to-reach, without the burden and danger of using a stepladder.

But, if you are 8 feet tall, please disregard above.

2. Meet In The Middle.

180 Dusters help you get into those tight spaces like bookshelves and tabletops without having to clear them off first. It traps and locks dust and saves time.

3. Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture.

Generic feather dusters might make you stop to shake out dust before you continue. But Dusters (Shop Products > Dusting) traps and locks dust in. No need to pause. In fact, using Dusters (Shop Products > Dusting) keeps you moving in fast forward.

4. Dusters Doesn’t Discriminate.

Wherever dust is, Dusters (Shop Products > Dusting) goes. From picture frames to plants to computer screens to even your car, Dusters (Shop Products > Dusting) gets it all.

You know the saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably too good to be true”? It usually is. Not this time. Congrats, you beat the system.