Before we came along, cleaning was old-fashioned, backbreaking work. First you swept, and then you used a dustpan. Heavy buckets of water sloshed all over your just cleaned floors. And you kept those dirty tools in a closet where no one would see them. It was the turn of the millennium, and we saw an opportunity for change.

In 1999, Swiffer pioneered achieving an amazing clean with little effort. It all started with our Trap & Lock Technology. You can see this technology in our Sweeper cloths that attract dirt, dust and hair off the floors. The dirt is trapped on the cloth, eliminating the use of brooms and dustpans.

For decades, people have used the simple mop and bucket to keep their floors clean. In 2001, Swiffer Sweepers were released and millions of consumers were introduced to a new, more convenient way to clean. The Swiffer Wet system offers an all-around better experience. It’s easy to use and uses less water than the typical mop and bucket. Households went from using gallons of water to ounces of solution to clean their floors. Every household that uses Swiffer Wet could save over 70 gallons of water per year vs. mop and bucket cleaners. 50 million people in the United States currently have access to Swiffer Wet pads.

WetJet combines a mop, bucket and cleaning solution for an all-in-one tool that’s quick and easy. Our WetJet cleaning pads are thirsty little suckers—they suck up spills and lock the liquid away in the fibers of the pad.

And our Dusters? They don’t stir up dust like other feather dusters. Instead, they act like little magnets, attracting allergens*, dust and dust mite matter for good.

Our products were designed to make life easier, and today our focus remains the same. Knock out dirt in a single swipe and get back to what really matters in life. That's the #SwifferEffect.

*Common inanimate allergens from cat and dog dander and dust mite matter