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Swiffer® Dusters™ Heavy Duty 6 ft Super Extender

Swiffer Dusters Super Extender Handle Starter Kit extends up to 6 feet allowing you to reach more areas of your home, especially hard to reach places. Trap + Lock up to 3x more* dust & allergens.** Duster offers 360 degrees of specially coated fibers that grab onto dust & do not let go. They are uniquely designed to Trap + Lock dust from every direction. The unique swivel head pivots and locks into four different positions.

*vs. feather duster,

**common inanimate allergens from cat and dog dander & dust mite matter. Swiffer Super Extender Handle Starter Kit comes with 4 Heavy Duty Duster Refills.
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Swiffer Dusters Super Extender

All-Around Fibers

360 degrees of fluffy fibers with Dust Lock Adhesive™ that trap and lock 3x more dust and allergens* than a feather duster.

*Common inanimate allergens from cat and dog dander and dust mite matter

Swivel Head

Pivots and locks into four different positions.

Extendable Handle

Super Extender Handle is able to extend up to 6ft, helping you get to hard to reach areas.


Gets into the hard-to-reach places. What can we say, it's flexible.

Ergonomic Handle

The easy grip is, well, an easy grip.

Take a look at our Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet.

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