Swiffer SweeperVac Starter Kit

Awesome Product

The SweeperVac is the perfect tool for cleaning hard wood floors if, like me, you own dogs. I have two labs and they shed terribly. There are little puffs of dog hair all down my halls and under the couches. The SweeperVac gathers it all up and cleans it better than a regular vacuum because it's head is smaller and it can reach more spaces. The pad will also clean up anything the vacuum doesn't.

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REVIEW BY  :  wdelta    |   Charleston, SC, USA   |   Mar 02, 2015
Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit

Excellent Product

The swiffer wet jet works well for me as an older woman, i can quickly and easily clean up the room from the spills, etc. i especially like being able to throw out the pad rather than having to wash it.

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REVIEW BY  :  shalombayis    |   New York, NY, USA   |   Mar 02, 2015
Swiffer 360° Dusters Starter Kit

fast and easy!!!

The swiffer 360 duster kit is awesome.. I can dust my house in no time.. this thing is a must in my home, its easy to use and fast on picking up that dust that everyone hates... everyone should own one!!!

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REVIEW BY  :  Billie71    |   Evansville, IN, USA   |   Mar 02, 2015
Swiffer STEAMBOOST powered by BISSELL

Time Saver

I love the Steamboost because it saves so much time! I don't have to prepare water w/ a cleaning solution and then keep going back to it. The Steamboost cleans so well and with the FeBreeze pads, everything smells wonderful.

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REVIEW BY  :  hanne72    |   Bradenton, FL, USA   |   Mar 02, 2015