Swiffer Sweep and Trap Starter Kit

things my vacum cleaner won't pick up

this is the best thing you have made so far. my vacum picks up cat food and all types of hard things and just spits them out backwards toward my feet. when i found this sweep and trap at the food lion store that i shop at, i said, maybe that's something that would pick up hard things and hold it till i can dump it out in the trashcan. so i bought it, brought it home, put it together and immediately started using it to pick up cat food. i was excited, it picked it up and held it in the little tray. so then i went over the kitty litter that comes out with her feet, it picks it up and holds it. i went all over the hardwood floors, with the clothe on it, it picks up cat hairs too. thank you so much for this product, i love it more than my vacum. this is the best thing out there.

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REVIEW BY  :  skippersmom    |   Hampton, VA, USA   |   Mar 03, 2015
Swiffer 360° Dusters Starter Kit


I have wood blinds throughout most of my home. These do a remarkable job in dusting them. They cut the time by more than half.

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REVIEW BY  :  shoremom59    |   Barnegat Township, NJ, USA   |   Mar 03, 2015