Swiffer STEAMBOOST powered by BISSELL

Best swifter product yet

I have evolved with swifter products over the years and this is the best in a continuing line of products to make cleaning my house easy. I have four cats and all tile and hardwood floor. The steam boost serves the dual purpose of safely cleaning both surfaces. I have given this as presents for two recent house warnings, to rave reviews. I like that the pads are already treated with cleaning solution and are easy to dispose. I look forward to the next innovation!!

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REVIEW BY  :  Gomerpcp    |   Garden Grove, CA, USA   |   May 01, 2014
Swiffer Dusters Extender (with 360° Dusters refills)

Can't clean without it.

Since I can't use a ladder anymore, the Swiffer Extender is perfect for the hard to reach areas. Cleans really good.

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REVIEW BY  :  Diamondeb    |   McMinnville, TN, USA   |   May 01, 2014
Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit

Swifter Wet Jet

Very happy with this item Amazing how well it cleans the floors. Removes hard to remove dirt areas. Easy to use and I have a bad back and can still do a good job with it. The power pads are wonderful and the WetJet solution cleans quickly not like using a mop, bucket and what have you. Would recommend this product to everyone. It's smoking in my book.

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REVIEW BY  :  bubbles    |   pa   |   May 01, 2014
Swiffer 360° Dusters Starter Kit

Innovative Product That Really Works As Advertised

This product actually exceeded the hype and expectations. One can easily bend it to clean in literally any area or crevice and it's easily cleanable for the next use. Reasonably priced and just a god-send. We use it daily and everything sticks to it from lint, hair, dust, spiderwebs, dirt, cereal and more.

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REVIEW BY  :  Doctor    |   Alameda, CA 93307, USA   |   May 01, 2014
Swiffer SweeperVac Starter Kit

Swifter SweeperVac

I love this item. Use it every day on my hardwood floors and tile. Works super. The only issue is the battery does not last longer

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REVIEW BY  :  Barbie    |   Chicago, IL, USA   |   May 01, 2014
Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit

Sweep in a Snap

I love the Swiffer sweeper! When I receive a call saying "I'll be over in a few minutes.", I can grab the Swiffer Sweeper and literally run it over the floor, I know that my floor will look great when my guests arrive!

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REVIEW BY  :  kellym    |   Missouri   |   May 01, 2014