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Surface: Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaning Tips

  • Small Messes

    Small Messes

    Swiffer Sweeper traps and locks dirt and dust from almost any tile or laminate surface in your home.*

    • Use a wet cloth to dissolve dirt and grime.
    • It's perfect for high-traffic tile or laminate areas, like entryways, bathrooms and kitchens.
    • Dry cloths are great for grabbing wayward dust bunnies.
    • Sticky spots are simple when you clean with a wet cloth.
     Swiffer® Sweeper
  • Wet Messes

    Wet Messes

    Whether you're tackling tracked in mud in the entryway or just looking for a great wall-to-wall clean Swiffer WetJet® and Swiffer BISSELL Steamboost® are the smart pick for cleaning tile and laminate floors.

    • They can give you a great clean on virtually any floor type.
    • WetJet’s® uniquely designed solution penetrates layers of dirt and grime then pulls it deep into the WetJet® pad.
    • Swiffer BISSELL® SteamBoost’s steam-activated steam pads tackle tough messes.

    *Do not use on unfinished, oiled, or waxed wooden boards, non-sealed tiles or carpeted floors because they may be water sensitive.

    Swiffer BISSELL® SteamBoost<sup>™</sup>  Starter Kit
  • Swiffer Sweep and Trap Cleaning Dry Messes

    Dry Messes

    Swiffer Sweep & Trap’s rotating blades pick up large particles off of almost any tile and laminate surface, while the Swiffer Sweeper dry cloth traps dirt, dust and hair.

    • It’s lightweight, easy to use, and no batteries or power is required.
    • The rotating blades pick up large particles.
    • The Swiffer Sweeper dry cloth traps and locks stray food bits around the kitchen table.

    *Sweep & Trap is only intended for dry pick-up on hard floor surfaces. Always use it with a Swiffer Sweeper dry cloth attached to the bottom.

    Swiffer Sweep & Trap Starter Kit