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Pet Challenge: Pet Messes

  • Swiffer Pet Adoption


    Rescuing a pet from a shelter is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your lifetime. Bringing a new animal into your home can change the dynamics of your household – almost always in good ways, but some things can be challenging.

    Take shedding, for example. It’s true, excess pet hair can be annoying. But Swiffer Sweeper traps and locks pet hair. That’s a lot less time worrying about pet hair, and lot more time left for belly rubs.

    Try Swiffer Sweeper and these 5 cleaning tips to stay on top of pet messes:

    • Be prepared. While you cannot stop a healthy pet from normal shedding, having a pet comb or brush for regular grooming will help reduce the amount of pet hair in your home.
    • Pet-proof your place. Put away harsh cleaning products, medications, hazards and breakables before bringing your new pet home. Also, put away items or keep a tight lid on trashcans.
    • Expect accidents. Even if housetrained, most new pets will mark or have accidents the first days, so be ready with pet-friendly cleaning products on hand.
    • Pets need their space, too. Because newly adopted cats tend to hide until they feel comfortable with their new surroundings, having a comfy hiding place for Kitty is a good idea. Likewise, dogs appreciate the safety provided by a crate or doggie house.
    • Don’t milk it. Most cats – and many dogs, too – are lactose intolerant, which can result in diarrhea or an upset stomach. Limit milk in your pet’s diet to avoid having to clean messy accidents.

    Something as trivial as shedding shouldn’t discourage you from bringing home a new pet – especially when Swiffer Sweeper makes cleaning up after your new forever buddy that much easier.

    To learn more about how Swiffer and ASPCA are teaming up to help thousands of shelter animals join loving families, visit

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  • Swiffer Sweep & Trap Hard Floor Cleaning

    Pet Food

    If cleaning up wayward kibble means the annoyance of hauling out the vacuum cleaner, it might be worth making Swiffer Sweep & Trap part of your cleaning routine.

    • It’s lightweight and easy to use with no batteries or power required.
    • The rotating blades pick up large messes like pet food.

    *Sweep & Trap is only intended for dry pick-up on hard floor surfaces. Always use it with a Swiffer Sweeper dry cloth attached to the bottom.

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  • Pet Hair

    Pet Hair

    When pet shedding season seems to be a year-round thing, try Swiffer Sweeper.

    • It's great for virtually any hard floor surface, like wood, tile or vinyl floors.
    • To stay on top of pet hair build up, keep a Sweeper within reach of your pet's most frequented spots, like near the pet bed or in entryways.
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  • Muddy Paw Prints

    Muddy Paw Prints

    You love your pet, but he can't help but bring the outside in.

    • Four paws worth of dirt and mud requires a smart, simple solution like Swiffer WetJet. It picks up muddy paw prints and traps the mud for good.
    • Keep a WetJet near the pet door or in a corner to clean muddy paw prints and kill 99.9% of bacteria* on your floor.
    • For your tougher pet messes, Swiffer BISSELL® SteamBoost uses powerful steam for a deep clean.

    *effective against S. aureus and E. aerogenes

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  • Pet Allergens

    Pet Dander Allergens

    Any pet owner knows that pet dander can accumulate on other hard surfaces of your home.

    • Stay on top of this deep cleaning challenge with Swiffer 360° Dusters.
    • With thousands of deep-cleaning fibers, it can reduce allergens*, trapping and locking dust and allergens better than a feather duster.
    • Use it to pick up pet dander allergens* on virtually any home surface, leaving cleaner nooks and crannies.

    *Common inanimate allergens from cat and dog dander and dust mite matter.

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