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Try it and love it. Find your perfect Swiffer now WetJet Extra Power Pads

About Swiffer®

Swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning.

Swiffer household cleaning products

Swiffer made its debut in 1999 and soon established itself as a pioneer in both the cleaning systems category and a pop culture icon. Swiffer products have starred on Saturday Night Live, featured in Hollywood blockbusters, and graced the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. With the support of Swiffer fans around the world, Swiffer has built a family of distinctive products built smarter than traditional cleaning tools. Today, Swiffer® Sweeper, Swiffer® Sweeper X-Large, Swiffer® Sweep & Trap, Swiffer® SweeperVac®, Swiffer® WetJet®, Swiffer BISSELL® SteamBoost, Swiffer® Dusters®, Swiffer® 360° Dusters, Swiffer® Dusters Extender, and Swiffer® Dust and Shine are used in more than 50 million households worldwide and continue to revolutionize the way people clean.